Upcoming talks
2017 CTMNM/NAGC Workshop, Cyprus, Invited talk, May 2017
University of Sheffield, Invited seminar, May 2017
University of St Andrews, Invited seminar, June 2017
MRS Spring meeting, Invited speaker April 2018.

Invited/Plenary/Keynote talks
Scotland and North of England Butler Meeting (Keynote speaker), April 2017
Chemical Nanoscience Symposium Newcastle-7, March 2017
Mary Rose Trust public lecture, January 2017
50th Universities of Scotland Inorganic Conference, Plenary speaker, 2016
Chemistry research day, University of Kent, 2016
UK Northwest ECS Student Chapter Summer Symposium, Invited speaker, 2016
Collaborative conference on 3D Materials Research, Seoul, Invited speaker, 2016
Erskine Williamson Day Meeting, University of Edinburgh, Invited speaker, 2016
SHFCA-ETP Energy Storage meeting, Invited speaker, 2016
UK-Korea Symposium on Lithium and Sodium batteries, Invited speaker, 2016
UK energy storage conference, Keynote speaker, 2015
ACS Fall meeting, Boston, Invited speaker, 2015
ISIS Muon and Neutron user meeting, Invited speaker, 2015
EMN Fall meeting, Orlando, Invited speaker, 2014
PCG–SCMP Winter meeting, Invited speaker, 2014
Zing Nanocrystals conference, Dominican Republic, Invited speaker, 2014
RSC Dalton Summer School, University of Edinburgh, Plenary speaker, 2014
XXII International Materials Research congress, Cancun, Invited speaker, 2013
British Crystallographic Association, Spring Meeting, Invited speaker, 2011
Southeastern Physics Network, Nano Energy meeting, Surrey, Invited speaker 2011
Southeastern Physics Network, Nano-workshop, Southampton, Invited speaker, 2010

Invited seminars
Trinity College Dublin, Invited seminar, March 2017
University of Reading, Invited seminar, March 2017
University of Manchester, Invited seminar, March 2017
UNIST, Ulsan, South Korea, Invited seminar, 2016
University College London, Invited Seminar, 2016
University of Warwick, Invited seminar, 2015
University of Birmingham, Invited seminar, 2015
Queen’s University Belfast, invited seminar, 2014
Queen Mary, University of London, Invited seminar, 2014
University of Southern California, Invited seminar, 2013
ISIS neutron facility, Invited seminar, 2012
IISER Pune, India, Invited seminar, 2012
University of Cambridge, Department of Chemistry, UK, 2011
University College London, Department of Chemistry, UK, 2011
Trinity College Dublin, Department of Chemistry, Ireland, 2011
Imperial College London, Department of Chemistry, 2010
Japanese Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, 2011
University of Otago, Department of Chemistry, New Zealand, 2010

Invited industry talks
Jaguar Land Rover, Warwick, 2016
Air Products and Chemicals, Pennsylvania, 2008

Contributed talks/posters
Materials Research Outreach Program, UC Santa Barbara, USA, 2009.
MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, 2008.
Materials Research Outreach Program, UC Santa Barbara, USA, 2008.
European COST Meeting, Messina, Italy, 2007.
Variety in Chemistry Education, University of Leicester, UK, 2007.
ICYS-ICMR Summer School on Nanomaterials, Tsukuba, Japan, 2007.
European COST Meeting, Leuven, Belgium, 2006.
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals, Dublin, 2006.
MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, 2006.
57th Irish Universities Chemistry Research Colloquium, Maynooth, Ireland, 2005.
Bioinspired Nanomaterials for Medicine and Technologies, Marl, Germany, 2005.
Departmental Seminar, Trinity College Dublin, 2005.
BioNano 3, University of Sussex, UK, 2005.
27th Annual Microscopical Society of Ireland Meeting, Dublin, 2005.
SPIE Opto-Ireland Conference, RDS, Ireland, 2005.
Departmental Nanoparticle Research Day, 2005.
28th Annual Microscopical Society of Ireland Meeting, Trinity College Dublin, 2004.
Nano 2004, Wiesbaden, Germany, 2004.
Biomedical Imaging Symposium, Trinity College Dublin, 2004.
1st Annual Nanotechnology Symposium, University College Cork, 2003.
Centre for Microscopy and Analysis Open Day, 2004.